Colorwaves Coloring Book

A coloring book featuring original footwear concepts (+ bonus apparel pieces) set up for you to color intuitively. Regardless of your level of interest Colorwaves is made for anyone to enjoy.

Industry Perspective

For those of you interested in color design on a professional level, Colorwaves is set up for you to think about the longevity of a specific design; from the initial color release, to the updated color refresh seasons... How can you tastefully create different color blocks that appeal naturally to others?

Or how can you create more compelling stories using colors that resonate with the people?...

Terms + Conditions

What is a color block / or color blocking

the use of color/graphics on individual material panels, to make a complete (specific) colorway

(Air Jordan 11 1995/1996)

What is a colorway?

a specific set of colors + color block to make up one pair

(Air Jordan 12 1996/1997)

Have you ever asked yourself 'Why do I like what I like?'... Do you understand what your attracted to?

There's no doubt that these shoes convey a feeling, especially for those who relate to the era they were created in; and even further so if you played in them.

Tap In...

Colorwaves emphasizes a natural approach that encourages creatives to tap in, in order to build perspective and uncover natural creative talent + awareness. Building this foundation as you keep an open mind helps establish a more authentic connection.

The aim of art is to project an inner vision into the world, to state in aesthetic creation the deepest psychic and personal experiences of a human being. It is to enable those experiences to be intelligible and generally recognized within the total framework of an ideal world.” _Bruce Lee

Of course because one person taps in to their own personal experiences doesn't mean that it will always resonate. But more than often it helps when the creator is aware (from experience) of the essential feelings and processes of who/what they are creating for while (again) remaining open minded.

This reason alone, is why we like to encourage athletes who lack technical schooling/training to create + design. Their cultural perspective provides insights that will push design to the next level in a more natural way; which is exactly what Michael Jordan did when he co-created the Jordan 11's; suggesting to use patent leather, the most distinct + beloved features of any of his legendary line of shoes.

During the sample phase, Jordan predicted that the 11's would not only be a hit on the court but also worn with tuxedos, which Boyz II Men did at the '96 Grammy's.

On court, MJ was also hyper aware of the feel of the color blocking and how he/his feet would be perceived while he was performing.

Colorwaves provides opportunity for people to put these same types of creative notions on paper via color.

Color Leisurely

Regardless, if your interested in the industry perspective or not; Colorwaves is a great way to ease your mind. Color mindlessly or be prompted by one of the questions on the (natural) inspiration page... 'What colors do you see in your dreams?'...

Don't be surprised if you find yourself in a meditative state, allowing other life solutions to come to you effortlessly.

(Featured Creatives: Chris Dixon, Thomas Tan, Tone, Jamaal Galloway + S/O Mobi Color + Sneaker Week, partners in Colorwaves Workshop collaboration)

This coloring book is a great solo or family activity to pass time during quarantine. We hope you and your loved ones enjoy and do just that!

Thanks for tuning in.



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